【Takeo Onsen Taisho Roman Hotel Kyotoya Official Website】The entire building is non-smoking from March 1, 2020.


Welcome to Kyotoya

In the image of the good old days ...
In the scent of Taisho romance

Founded in 1910.
We welcome customers in a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of the Taisho Period ( 1912-1926 ).
The lobby surrounded by the tone of antique music boxes is a moist adult space.
A luxurious time that makes you forget your everyday life.

Free shuttle service from JR Takeo-onsen Station by retro classic car
(Please contact us in advance.)


  • Dear customers

    Thank you for using Taisho Roman Hotel Kyotoya.

    As part of measures to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus, we are working to strengthen sanitation within the facility.
    Considering your health and safety,
    The staff may wear masks to perform duties,
    Please understand.

    Also, from March 1, 2020, the entire building will be non-smoking.
    Thank you for your cooperation so that you can enjoy your healthy and comfortable space.

    All Kyotoya

Golden Week accommodation plan arrived!

  • Golden Week Special plan

    Green season. Why do not you spend in Takeo Onsen Kyotoya
    Please enjoy a hot spring and a fulfilling time to enjoy Saga's gourmet.

    We also offer a futon self-service plan for 1,000 yen per person.
    【Limited time from May 2 to May 5】

Kyotoya Culture Project-Kagura / Kyotoya deMusic-

  • KYOTOYA Cultural Activities

    Kyotoya conducts cultural business throughout the year.
    Kagura, jazz live, full-fledged German Christmas market, etc.
    For people coming from all over the world, including local people,
    We are active as a cultural center.

    2020/02/22 Sat 19:00
    Kyotoya Iwato Kagura Buzen Kagura Iwaya Kagura Course Admission Free
    Saturday, March 21, 2020 
    Kyotoya Iwato Kagura Buzen City Omura Kagura Course Admission Free

    For reservations and details, please click the link below or the photo.

Accommodation Features

  • Regina von Woodfone style

    Manufactured in the 1910's, made by Regina, a dual-use type of music and gramophone manufactured in record and overworking period.
    The characteristic of this machine is that the timbre is beautiful over the range from high temperature to low temperature.
    The attached wood phone (trumpet of wood) is playing a gentle sound like wooden.
    Regina von is an American company.
  • Toyota classic

    1936.When Toyota Motor was still the Toyota Industries Automobile Division.
    Toyoda AA type was announced for the first time as a mass-production type car.
    The car at the hotel is named "Toyota Classic", it is made to look like Toyoda AA type
    It will be a model released in 1996 limited to 100 units.

    The hotel introduced this "Toyota Classic" for pickup.

    After all the classic can not say such an elegant curve.
  • Symphony on disc music box

    Manufactured in the 1890s, manufactured by Symphonyon Company, this music box is located on both sides of comb teeth
    It is characterized by bells with different musical scales with five each.
    The disc music box can change the song by changing the disc.
    This machine can enjoy songs with nine discs.(made in Germany)
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7266-7 Takeo, Takeo Town, Takeo City

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10 minutes on foot from JR Sasebo Line Takeo Onsen Station.Nagasaki Motor Road Takeo Northern IC 5 km to the national highway No. 34.

Pick-up presence (condition)
Transfer to Takeo-Onsen Station available (required advance notice)
I will pick you up in a reprint version classic car of Toyota's domestic car first issue.
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