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Kyotoya, tasteful taste

We use seafood from the Genkai Nada Sea Sea, Saga Heiya and mountain foods in the mountains, and ingredients that have been carefully examined.
Enjoy the pleasure of Japanese cuisine which feels the seasons with taste with pleasure tongue with eyes.

The passion of Kyotoya

Kyotoya, we use passionate local produce for local consumption in order to make everyone safer.
Please enjoy the Japanese cuisine nurtured by the land of Saga sufficiently.
  • 【new·Classic】Aroma of Taisho Roman to taste with Japanese style & Western style mix "Hikari course"

    ~If you get lost, this plan~
    Kyotoya most popular and classic course.

    ≪sum≫Mind and technique to draw the taste of materials
    ≪Ocean≫Brilliant directing and recipes that are beautiful in the eyes
    Worthy of the name Taisho Roman
    Japanese-style & Western-style mixed items to say "civilization of taste".
    We introduced a lot of local fresh vegetables
    It is a cuisine of the hotel.
  • 【Enchanted W Gourmet】A course to enjoy two big gourmet of Saga &Takeo

    "Saga Wagyu" steak &
    Takeo specialty 'Wakakusu Pork' shabu shabu
    Gentle climate peculiar to Saga Prefecture and tasty water,
    Clear air brought up
    Directly with plenty of beef steak.
    Regional brands produced only by farmers in Takeo City,
    Please enjoy pork that grew up in a pleasant mountain environment.
    Simple with shabu-shabu.
    In addition, I will present with the local production food full load.
  • Kaiseki cuisine compared to taste 【Limited plan 2 or 4 people】

    Saga Black Hair Wagyu"Saga Black Hair Wagyu"
    ≪Shabu-Shabu≫&≪Grilled pottery≫

    Saga's proud black cattle,
    Please compare with taste.
    ≪Pottery grilling≫&≪Shabu-Shabu≫
    We will serve two kinds of main dish, respectively!
    Please enjoy the delicious of Genkai Nada Sea in the "platter of seafood of Genkai
  • 【Quality over Quantity】Gastronomical cuisine for adults

    Stick to really delicious dishes
    For adult customers - · · ·
    Juwa 's grilled meat juice every single mouth.
    Saga Wagyu with marbled trout even at normal temperature with ceramic board.
    Focusing on the waters near West Kyushu,
    Fresh fish in the season of pretty season is pickled with sashimi.
    A delicious meal for the cuisine cuisine sticking to the ingredients and recipes.

    [1 person, From 11,000 yen]
  • 【Chef's Recommendation】Kyotoya Kaiseki Cuisine-Four Seasons Taste Kyotoya

    Delicious items that match the season,
    Chief Chef Recommended recipes.
    Seasonal ingredients and locally harvested fresh vegetables,
    With various recipes that match the season
    Specialty vividly finished with chief chefs
    Random season cooking course four seasons.

    [1 person, From 8,000 yen]
  • Japanese breakfast

    Breakfast(7: 00 to 8: 30)
    We will prepare at "Japanese breakfast" with nutrition.
    Small bowl style is glad "a little by little".
    Please enjoy with cooked rice.
    Takeo Nabeshima available as well!