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Fountain quality and efficacy

The hot spring of Takeo Onsen Kyotoya

  • "Fountain quality", Simple hot spring
    "Izumi warm", 26.5 degrees
    【pH value】 8.2

    【General indications for hot springs】
    Neuralgia, muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen, Joint stiffness, A bunch
    Awkward, Chronic gastrointestinal disease, Hemorrhoid, Coldness, Recovery period after illness, Recovery from fatigue, Health Promotion

History of Takeo Onsen

  • In the "Hizen Fudoki" written before 1,300 years ago, there is "Iwao (hot springs out) on the west side of the county ..." and it is said that this is Takeo Onsen I will.

    In the role of Bunroku · Keicho, there is a vermillion-like "bathing experience" indicated by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, so that soldiers gathered at Nagoya Castle do not disturb other bathing guests I will.

    In the Edo era, there is also a record that the bamboo flourished as a town of Nagasaki Kaido lodging town, such as Miyamoto Musashi, Siebold, Date Masamune and Tadataka Ino.

    The vermillion painted vermillion gate, which stands at the entrance of the hot springs, is called "Tenpyeong style gate" and it does not use any nails.
    The Takeo Onsen New Building and Tomonmon built by Dr. Kingo Tatsuno who designed the Tokyo station in Taisho 4 year was designated as an important cultural property of the country on July 22, 2005.

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